Magnesium… friend.

DSCN1065Let’s talk about constipation. I struggled with this problem most of my life until I discovered Magnesium. If I were headed on a trip somewhere, at the mere thought of a plane ride, my  body would literally shut down, and it would be days before I could Poo. I could eat the entire produce section in the grocery store and not get enough fiber to get “regular”. Because I thought fiber was the answer, I ended up in the ER twice with a blockage. That is a type of pain that I never want to experience again. It was time to figure this out.

After the second trip to the ER, I had every conceivable test up and down the main orifices. The final diagnosis was that I had a torturous bowel. GREAT. What this simply means is that it takes more twists and turns than the average bowel. I finally learned fiber is not my friend, in fact, it could put me back in the ER!

Magnesium is what makes up Milk of Magnesia(hey, this stuff helps ya poop!), is a vital nutrient and one that we need for many things including bone health, which is a top priority for me as I have osteoporosis in my family history. It is also good for nerves and muscles and it helps you sleep, all good things…after years of suffering and trying EVERYTHING natural, unnatural and even supernatural probably, I found my friend Magnesium!

I use Nature’s Life 500mg, and take 2 each night. If I have had sushi, it may take 3 or 4 because white rice creates a road block!

Every day, including travel days, are good days when I have my friend with me!


4 thoughts on “Magnesium… friend.

  1. Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed this post–even though a torturous bowel isn’t my problem, I would read anything you wrote on any topic! You have such a creative take on everything!

  2. Nice, Lauren! Magnesium oil is a muscle relaxant. I recently read about an alarming # of us who are low on mag. Love it-thx!



    • Thanks Ladies! I am glad you like my friend too!
      Gail thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot! I was cracking up about needing to be cleaning and organizing all the time, but all you could do on the trail was check and recheck where your lip balm was…….Hilarious!

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