Happy New You

868d07a65ba64f3ce42f8b925b5e013fI love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the all the hoopla and the pretty things in the stores and yes even the music. I love all the parties and good cheer, the food, the fudge and the cookies, until I don’t. After waking up with bags under my eyes from overindulgence one too many mornings, I start hankering for change. Luckily the New Year is right around the corner and so is the new me…..
I love the feeling of a fresh clean start, take down the tree, clean the house, get rid of the excess stuff that has collected around the house.
My husband and I spend New Year’s Eve contemplating how we want the New Year to look, what we want to work on, make better or change. Among other things our health always tops the list….
We both have really good habits that slip into less than good as the hoopla begins.
Instead of trying to completely remodel myself, I pick one or two things that I change, so I can be successful. Success is a must so I don’t lose steam. I find that after making these small changes for a few days I am totally empowered, which is so much better than the feeling of defeat and wanting to just give up.
I don’t give up wine, I just stick to one moderate glass on week days, or carbs, I just stick to one serving of empty carbs per day, or sweets, I just stick to a small piece of dark chocolate per day. I don’t take on a huge new excersise program I just workout at least 10 mins a day 6 days per week.
I am happiest when I feel a sense of power and control over my decisions, and let’s face it, I am not going to over power fudge. So yes, the goodies are gone from the house along with the excess stuff that piles up, but guess what? So are the bags under my eyes and the excess fudge pudge that was gathering in my thighs and belly…..
So long Christmas, I will look forward to seeing you again, until then I am going to build up the new me and make some habits that I can pick up again easily after I spend some fun time partying with you at the end of this new year!


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