Do Yourself A Favor

97d672ffce5355b619a6cedd606ab21eOne of the nicest things we can do for ourselves is to be kind to others, truly, it is like doing yourself a favor! You feel suddenly happy to be alive when you have given another person a kindness.

One of the saddest things I have heard is that as people age they feel invisible. Isn’t that sad? I am not one of those people who is drawn, particularly, to the elderly as I know some people are, but I definitely want to change this invisibleness when I get the chance, which frankly is any day I am out and about. 

We are all able to do at least one thing that says ” I see you” to just about anyone that may feel invisible. How do you know they feel invisible? Because you will not notice them as first, you will have to look for these people because when someone feels invisible they walk through the world unseen. 

It takes so very little for us to bring them to the visible world, help them cross the street, offer them a grocery cart as you get yours, let them in line ahead of you, give them a warm smile, in short, be kind. 
Next time you are out, help someone who you think may feel invisible be seen, especially if you are in a hurry, do yourself a favor, give a kindness, suddenly you will feel alive!


8 thoughts on “Do Yourself A Favor

  1. Wonderful! Being “unseen” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is good to bring someone out of their “cloak” with a kindness.

  2. Lauren, you are so kind and I so totally agree with you-if more people could adopt this attitude, how love could be spread and how much loneliness reduced! LOL Trudy

  3. This is all so true, Lauren! I once heard a Buddhist comment, “Offer a greeting to all whom you meet,” and I love to take that to heart, whether it’s by meeting someone’s eyes and/or giving them a smile. Thank you for this lovely reminder. And it was lovely to see you last Saturday!

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