Just Smile!


Just look at that handsome smile……..

Are you afraid of the camera? A lot of people think they look bad in pictures.

As a photographer I have learned that it is mostly because people get nervous when the camera comes out. It usually takes at least 20 mins in front of the camera to relax and get a good shot, but let’s face it, we are not usually doing a photo shoot, we are just getting a quick snapshot of ourselves in life and DANG, there it is, that funny face again!
So here is a solution I have come up with, sit, preferably alone, and look in the mirror. Start saying the alphabet……A B C, at some point you will happen upon a letter that makes a nice face. Lips together (MMMMM)  or parted lips (EEEE) teeth showing (TEE) or not…(I) …whatever it is memorize it and know your letter. 

The next time the camera is out and pointed at you, turn your body slightly to one side, turn your head towards the camera, look right into the lens and say your letter!
It is ok to try to look good in front of the camera, I assure you! It is not vain or self centered. Pictures are the story of our lives, make your story a good one. Don’t be afraid of the camera! Remember your letter and Just Smile!


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