My Latest Obsession


P1000528 When I got married I promised in my vows to be constantly interested in something , anything really, that excited me so that I could bring that energy into my marriage and remain the fun and exciting person  I was when my husband met me.

If you know me well, you would say that I have kept that vow. Iam constantly interested in something new and my latest obsession is making necklaces.

We have a bead store in town that gives classes and I recently took one, thinking that the necklace they were teaching looked easy. Not so, however, I loved the challenge and I LOVE the result!

I was also recently diagnosed with Barrets Esophogus, a result of Acid Reflux (apparently I have silent reflux because I have no symtoms). This is a pretty serious condition and I needed to make some big changes in my…

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4 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession

  1. Beautiful work, Lauren. Can’t wait to see the necklaces next time I’m there. And thanks for sharing your story, it’s inspiring!

  2. Hi Lauren, have you ever considered being a pastor for church? You have a knack for sending the right message at the right time! You amaze me!


    PS your necklaces are absolutely beautiful!


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